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“who holds the heel” or “Let god Protect” in Hebrew. The son of Isaac and Rebecca, he is the younger twin of Esau whom he cheats out of his birthright (Jacob’s Blessing). God appears to his in a dream (Jacob and the Angels) and fights against him (Jacob wrestles against the Angel). He received the name of Israel which will be by the people whose ancestor he is. In love with Rachel, he has previously been obliged to marry her sister Leah. He is the father of 12 boys whose offspring will form the 12 tribes of Israel.




King David’s father, he is referred to as Christ’s ancestor in the Tree of Jesse, according to a prophecy by Isaiah.




“God saves”, in Hebrew. He was born in the year 4 or 6 before our era and died in 30 AD. The scenes are listed according to chronology.

Childhood: Annunciation, Nativity, Magi, Circumcision and Presentation, Holy Family, Jesus and the Doctors.

Public Life: Temptation in the Desert, Baptism of Christ, Wedding at Cana, Miraculous Draught of Fishes, Stilled Storm, Sinner at Simon’s House, Jesus walks Water, Good Shepherd, Jesus heals, Samaritan Woman, Adulterous Woman, Raising of Lazarus.

Passion and Resurrection: Transfiguration, Entry into Jerusalem, Washing of Feet, Last Supper, Mount of Olives, Arrest, Christ tortured, Crosses, Holy Face, Entombment, Apparition to Mary Magdalene, Pilgrims at Emmaus, Apparition to Thomas, Ascension.




“enemy”, in Hebrew. The hero of a book entitled after his name. God lets this pious and just man be tried by the devil. Job loses all his children, his belongings and his health but endures his torments without losing his faith but proclaiming his innocence. He refuses to see in his misfortune any punishment for his sins. Eventually God lavishes His favours on him



John the  Baptist

“God gives grace”, in Hebrew. The son of Zachary and Elizabeth (Visitation, Nativity, Holy Family). Like a prophet, he preaches conversion in the desert (Shepherds and Lambs) and baptizes in the Jordan those who come to him, including Jesus (Baptism of Christ). He is condemned and decapitated by King Herod Antipas (Death of John the Baptist). He is the saint par excellence, the one who will be on Christ’s side at the Last Judgement.




“dove”, in Hebrew. Jonas is the name of a prophet of the 7th century BC, but who is the hero of a book dated much later which places him at the time of the exile in Babylon. Cast out into the sea and rescued by God after three days spent inside the belly of a fish, Jonas is a sign of the resurrection.



Joseph, the husband of Mary

“God increases”, in Hebrew. Born from the tribe of David Joseph is the husband of Mary when she receives the visit of the angel of the Annunciation. He saves Mary and Jesus by fleeing to Egypt and the apocryphal gospels multiply the family scenes where he is a carpenter. He is present at the disputation between Jesus and the Doctors of the Law.



Joseph, the son of Jacob

“God increases”, in Hebrew. The 11th son of Jacob, he encounters the jealousy of his brothers who sells him as a slave in Egypt. But once there he becomes the man of confidence of Potiphar, a high officer of Pharaoh, until the day when Potiphar’s wife, who wants to go to bed with him, denounces him unfairly. Sent to prison, he is released thanks to the interpretation of a dream of Pharaoh. Having become minister, he brings his father who thought he was dead and makes him bless his sons Ephraim and Manasseh.




His Hebrew nickname is Iscariot translated as “man of Kerioth” or “man of lie”. One of the twelve apostles, he was perhaps the treasurer of the group. He betrays Jesus and sells him to the High Priest. He takes part to the Last Supper but runs away. He kisses Jesus during his arrest to make him be recognized. Stricken with remorse, he hangs himself. He is the traitor par excellence.




“the Jewess”, in Hebrew. She is the heroine of a book that bears her name and that takes many liberties with history. A young beautiful widow, Judith decides to rescue her city of Bethulia besieged by the Assyrian general Holofernes. She goes to the general’s house, lets herself be seduced and cuts off his head. The Assyrians run away.



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