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“God is my judge”, in Hebrew. The hero of a book entitled after his name,
he was transported to Babylon after the fall of Jerusalem in 587 B.C.;
he became a courtier in the king’s court and performed wonders.
See Daniel and the Lions; Chaste Susanna.





“beloved”, in Hebrew. King of Israel from 1010 to 970 BC. Jesse’s son,
born in Bethlehem, he is chosen by God to succeed King Saul and he receives
Samuel’s unction. After joining the army, he fights against the giant Goliath.
At the death of Saul, he becomes king and founds Jerusalem.
His passion for Bathsheba
makes him commit a murder.
His son Solomon succeeds to him. A poet and musician, David is said to have
composed 73 psalms out of 150.

He is the king par excellence, the one to whom Jews will refer
in the centuries of misfortune. Jesus claims to be the Son of David.





From the Greek diabolos, “the slanderer”. He is the equivalent of
in Hebrew. He is the embodiment of evil, the chief of demons.
See Christ’s Temptation in the Desert.





“God is promise”, in Hebrew. She is Zachary’s wife
(See her representation in Nativity) and the parent of Mary,
the mother of Jesus. While she is expecting her son John the Baptist,
she receives the visit of Mary (Visitation). She is often
present in the images of the Holy Family





A fortress village some twelve kilometres from Jerusalem.
The risen Christ is on the way to this place and dines
with two disciples, wrongly considered as pilgrims.
See the Pilgrims at Emmaus.





“the hidden one”, in Hebrew ; “the star” in Persian. The heroine
of a book entitled after her name. A beautiful Jewish woman
exiled in Babylon, she becomes King Ahasuerus’ wife and is in
a position to thwart a plot by Haman, the king’s minister,
who wanted to massacre all the Jews. See Esther.





“alive” in Hebrew. The first woman, created from Adam’s rib
Creation of Adam and Eve). She plays an important part in
the Fall. Cain and Abel‘s mother.


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