B-C/ Bathsheba - circumcision





“daughter of opulence”, in Hebrew. She is the wife of Uriah the Hittite,
an officer in King David’s army. The king surprises her in her bath and falls
in love with her. Learning she is pregnant, he gets rid of her husband.
Once a queen she becomes the mother of Solomon.





“I have acquired” or “blacksmith”, in Hebrew. Abel and Cain are the children
of Adam and Eve; the elder son Cain kills his younger brother. He runs away
but becomes the father of mankind and civilisation. See Cain and Abel.





“the place of skull”, in Latin, is a translation of the Aramaic name “Golgotha”.
It is a hill close to Jerusalem where the Crucifixion of Christ took place.





a small town in Galilee where, according to John’s Gospel, Jesus made his first miracle
during the so-called Wedding at Cana at the demand of Mary, his mother.
The wine, that has run out, is served in plenty.





The ritual excision of a young boy’s prepuce was practised by the Hebrews
as a sign of alliance with God. Ishmael and Isaac were the first circumcised boys.
Jesus was circumcised on the eighth day like any infant Jew.


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